Visit @ The Paul Scherrer Institute

Jules Verne 2.0 was packed for the first time with DPC box, 3x16A input, single phase 32A output = 7,5kW.

A technology tour started today with an interesting visit at The PSI. Information on the latest developments in battery and h2 research and developments. The Wavers got together at Politechnic University Brugg-Windisch.

Jules Verne 2.0 on Top of Klausen Pass

It has been a wonderful day, when Louis, the tour director, called us to gather for a WAVE 2017 briefing at the Electric Fun Day in Buochs, Switzerland.

Team Jules Verne 2.0 did choose to take this opportunity to end the day with a driver over the top of the Klausenpass. It gave us a spectacular view on mountain peaks in the central part of Switzerland.

It’s 12 days to go to the start of the Grand Tour of Switzerland when the WAVE 2017 kicks off at BĂĽrkliplatz in Zurich. The clock is ticking and Martin and I are getting more and more excitied 🙂

Jules Verne 2.0







Published for the very first time on Januar 30th, 1873, titled Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours, Phileas Fogg raced for his live around the world in 80 days.

Jules Verne, well known as the Science Fiction Pioneer of all times, laid the foundation for Jules Verne 2.0

Steam Punk Sonja connects to current times some 143 years later,

when another group of crazy guys took off from Barcelona on June 16th 2016 in there 100 % electric vehicles for another race around the world




finishing on September 4th 2016 at the Arc de Triomf of Barcelona


Team Jules Verne 2.0 shall transport the spirit of this journey throughout the WAVE 2017 on the Grand Tour of Switzerland.

EL-DURO In 80 days around the World

The First Ever Tesla Roadster to Circumnavigate the World in 80 Days.

The WAVE trophy 2017 will be the first event after the remarkable EL-DURO endurance test for 100% electric vehicles has finished in the summer of 2016.

Thanks to Rafael de Mestre for organizing 80edays and giving us the chance to do it together with all 80edays teams in record time of 80 days.

Blue shall transport the story of 80edays throughout the famous WAVE trophy while doing the Grand Tour of Switzerland in 2017.

WAVE Team 2017 constitutes at the Swiss Science Center

What a happy moment to celebrate for the three of us, Martin Wimmer from Austria as co-driver and navigator (left), me from Switzerland as team leader (right) and of course the most important partner Blue our Tesla Roadster 3.0.

Martin and I met mid February 2017 at the Swiss Science Center in Winterthur for a first 1:1 and of course for a lovely diner at Al Giardino in downtown Winterthur.

We are both looking forward to bring Blue to the start line in downtown Zurich on June 9th. It is going to be the Grand Tour of Switzerland. This route will soon get fully covered with charge points, so everyone can easily make it with an electric vehicle 🙂