The Canadians Want to Get the World Record First

Next month, the Canadians will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest electric-vehicle parade. It is being organised by the National Advanced Transportation Center… a Canadian electric-car advocacy organization.

The rally will take place April 18 at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve Formula One race track in Montreal, Canada.

More information is available at Green Car Reports.

This is a real threat to the record attempt at the start of WAVE 2014 in Stuttgart at the end of May. So, if you have a 100% electric vehicle and can possibly get to Stuttgart on Saturday 30th May then we might defend this record for Europe!

65 Confirmed Teams on WAVE 2014

It looks like the WAVE 2014 is building nearly into a TIDAL WAVE!

There are now 65 teams confirmed for joining the WAVE 2014, including 11 electric motorbike teams. 20 more teams are almost ready to sign-up. The Teams are coming from 12 countries: Switzerland (29), Germany (28), France (9), Austria (6), UK (3), NL (2), Singapore (2), India (1), Italy (1), Slovenia (1), Norway (1) and Czech Republic (1).

Come on… anyone else from the UK… it will be fun!

Keep Track of Where We Are on WAVE

I am so impressed with Glympse! What is Glympse?

It is a tracking system that allows you to track where someone is in real time. By “real time” I mean you see their position on a map and as they move you actually see them move… almost as if you are looking at them from space! It is really good fun and a great way to track a car or person.

The way it works is that the person being tracked installs the Glympse phone app on the mobile. They then set up the event and publish the web address of where you can track them. You then go to that web address and watch them as them move. It is easy!

We  will be using Glympse on WAVE 2014.

We will try to have Glympse active as much as possible during the WAVE and even in the few days beforehand so return back often and see where we are.

See where Team Electric Blue is RIGHT NOW!

Click the Glympse logo for more info.