Web Site Design is Coming On

As you can see, the web site is coming on. It will still be changing as we try out some new designs and so we can only apologise if it seems a bit unstable at the moment. We have decided to launch the site early even though it is still not complete… at least that way you get some info early and you too can see the design progess.

Thank you for your interest. Once we get a little closer to the event I am sure the design will be finalised and things will settle down.

Paul Churchley Joins the Team

This is the first post to the blog so it is appropriate that it announces that Paul Churchley has joined the team as co-driver.

Paul will be helping with navigation, social media, interaction with the public and also keeps the web site and blog updated.

Keep a lookout for more info on Paul in the build-up to WAVE 2014