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Electronics bag fits in Roadster cabin

Another example how the roadster crew is managing with the space challenge inside the roadster cabin. The electric blue bagĀ  šŸ˜‰ includes the following items:

  • 1 iPad
  • 1 BlackBerry phone
  • 1 Galaxy S3 phone
  • 1 battery pack ( 4 Li-Ion batteries, eg. used for the Canon camera)
  • 1 iPod
  • 1 power bus
  • 1 power charging cable
  • all item charging cables, bold pens, writing paper, the flag, cards, cash and many more small items used for daily events, driving etc.

electronics-cabin-fitOrganizing and optimizing space in the trunk and the cabin is intensifying. There is absolutely no doubt, that teamĀ Electric Blue Ā isĀ mastering all thisĀ  šŸ˜€

Elevation Graph in Google Maps

As mentioned in a previous postĀ Team ElectricBlue will visit Rheinfall and Munot on day one.Ā It may be of interest when make the decision which route is the most energy efficient one, to consult with the new route elevation feature provided by google maps. Although the feature is currently available for the bike tab only, it also might be of interest to electric car drivers. Our example:

elevation graph home - Schaffhausen

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Recovering Energy

Technical Jargon: Regenerative Braking

One of the reasons electric cars are so efficient is that when they are slowing down they do so by using the motor instead of the brakes. The motor acts as a generator and recharges the battery as it slows recovering the energy that would be lost to heat with normal brakes.

This is called regenerative braking, or regen braking. It is the same kind of system that is used in Formula 1 motor racing.

One of the benefits of regen braking is that the mechanical brakes are not used much and so they do not wear out and it is not uncommon for brake pads to last the life of the car!

Keep Track of Where We Are on WAVE

I am so impressed with Glympse! What is Glympse?

It is a tracking system that allows you to track where someone is in real time. By “real time” I mean you see their position on a map and as they move you actually see them move… almost as if you are looking at them from space! It is really good fun and a great way to track a car or person.

The way it works is that the person being tracked installs the Glympse phone app on the mobile. They then set up the event and publish the web address of where you can track them. You then go to that web address and watch them as them move. It is easy!

WeĀ  will be using Glympse on WAVE 2014.

We will try to have Glympse active as much as possible during the WAVE and even in the few days beforehand so return back often and see where we are.

See where Team Electric Blue is RIGHT NOW!

Click the Glympse logo for more info.