Welcome Gordon Foat to the WAVE 2014 – Yet Again!

Welcome Gordon Foat (GBR) and Leora Rosner (NED) to the WAVE 2014!! It’s Gordon’s fourth and Leora’s second WAVE… Gordon has built this vehicle with his partners and has no name for the car yet, its a utility buggy with 15 kw motor, 18 kWh battery and a range of 140 km… it has a weight of less than 400 kg without batteries…

Final Car Design of Team Electric Blue

The car with its final design is now ready for the WAVE 2014.


abss-logo-4-menu-website162The team appreciates very much the sponsoring of ABSS Schwarz Architekturb├╝ro AG

stoc-logo-4-menu-website162Many thanks to Stephan Schwarz, president of the Swiss Tesla Owners Club.

zcw-logo-4-menu-website162We are also very proud to carry stickers Zero Carbon World: a force for a world without carbon emissions.

The team is very much looking forward to get ready for the WAVE 2014.

Excitement is growing and latest preparations show, the team is very well on track.

Transport Evolved Heads to Germany, Switzerland for All-Electric WAVE!

The popular Electric Vehicle web site, Transport Evolved, is joining us on WAVE 2014 as one of the official media teams.

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Adam Walker will be driving Nikki’s Nissan Leaf, called Hiro Nakamura, all the way from the west of to Stuttgart. They will be providing media coverage on www.wavetrophy.com as well as reporting to Transport Evolved.

Please take a look at www.transportevolved.com for all the best and latest news from the world of Electric Cars.