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Latest news from Team Electric Blue

Elevation Graph in Google Maps

As mentioned in a previous post Team ElectricBlue will visit Rheinfall and Munot on day one. It may be of interest when make the decision which route is the most energy efficient one, to consult with the new route elevation feature provided by google maps. Although the feature is currently available for the bike tab only, it also might be of interest to electric car drivers. Our example:

elevation graph home - Schaffhausen

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Maximizing Space for Trunk & Cabin

Due to the fact, that space is very rare in the Tesla roadster, the team is always looking for ways to maximize the available space for the trunk and cabin.


One possibility is shown here:

First aid package fixed with a hook-and-loop fastener at the side of the electronics module just above the left rear wheel. The rear deck is covering the first aid package completely. Instead this stuff would had to find its place somewhere in the trunk or the cabin.

So the team got some extra space for electronics  😎

Flights all Checked In!

It is a strange new world! In today’s world of technology and computers gone are the times when you check in at the airport.

I am flying with EasyJet from Gatwick to Zurich on 28th May and I have checked in for the flight, and for the return flight on 9th June, already. I feel a little strange sitting here in my lounge, 2 weeks before the flight, having already checked in with my boarding passes  already printed!

I prefer it this way but how times are changing.