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Team ElectricBlue to visit Rheinfall and Munot on day one

On May 30th, Team Electric Blue will kick off for the WAVE 2014 in Bachenbülach (CH) and make its first sightseeing stop at Schlösschen Wörth near the famous Rheinfall in Neuhausen and then heading on to the very picturesque city of Schaffhausen (CH). A visit to the medieval castle Munot will spend us the best overview over the town.

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Electric Blue drew #19 in Exclusive WAVE

It’s now officially mentioned on the WAVE 2014 flyer, that Team Electric Blue drew #19 to start the trophy in the Exclusive WAVE category for Sport Cars.


Team Electric Blue enters the trophy besides 2 other Tesla Roadster Teams, Manfred & Tamara Hillinger from Austria as well as Petra Nass from Germany.

Hey guys, it’s great to have 3 of the very famous Tesla Roadsters on the road from Stuttgart to the Rigi in Switzerland. The cars and its owners that made the Model S possible for Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors can invest money in new technology instead of pumping it into costly advertisement. Thanks to all Tesla Roadster and Model S owners. And as always, “… let’s burn rubber not oil …”

Fair Power vignette

Team Electric Blue has now acquired a Fair Power 2,000 km / 300 kWh vignette covering the distance of the full WAVE 2014 trophy and even more.


FAIR POWER is a small start-up and focuses on green certificates with the Swiss quality label naturemade star that guarantees the observance of the highest ecological claims of power production. This means 300 kilowatt-hours are produced in certified facilities in Switzerland ( 80% in solar power systems and 20% in hydroelectric plants )

Final Car Design of Team Electric Blue

The car with its final design is now ready for the WAVE 2014.


abss-logo-4-menu-website162The team appreciates very much the sponsoring of ABSS Schwarz Architekturbüro AG

stoc-logo-4-menu-website162Many thanks to Stephan Schwarz, president of the Swiss Tesla Owners Club.

zcw-logo-4-menu-website162We are also very proud to carry stickers Zero Carbon World: a force for a world without carbon emissions.

The team is very much looking forward to get ready for the WAVE 2014.

Excitement is growing and latest preparations show, the team is very well on track.