Did You Know? – Electric Cars Are Quiet But Not Silent

Ear-1Electric vehicles are most certainly not silent. At car park speeds they make as much noise via various fans, pumps and tyre noise as most modern internal-combustion engine vehicles. At high speeds the wind and tyre noise is comparable to any car. And like so many other issues surrounding the EV, this “problem” was addressed years ago. The EV1 had a back-up warning, as well as a pedestrian alert that could be activated by the driver when needed.

Adding a constant noise to the cars would only serve to increase ambient noise levels, subsequently lowering individual awareness and increasing noise pollution in our environment. By making all cars quiet, we would be safer than by making quiet cars louder. Ultimately, it’s the driver’s responsibility to operate any vehicle safely.

Have you ever heard of someone being hit by an EV because they couldn’t hear it? It just doesn’t happen.