Another great day in Zurich

The purpose of today was twofold… test out the tech for the WAVE and give me a bit of a tour of the area around Zurich.  It was successful on both counts.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing.  We are using a MiFi hotspot for Internet connection and in spite me testing it out in the UK when I started it this morning it didn’t connect. 15 mins on the phone to the support in the uk sorted it out but it delayed us a couple of hours. No harm done as that was the point of today… to solve these kinds of issues.

So we left for a trip around Lake Zurich,  stopping for lunch and then a delicious icecream.  While stopped I turned off glympse to save battery so if you see a break in glympse reporting then we are probably stopped somewhere.

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Tomorrow is an early start leaving Zurich around 8am. We have to be in Stuttgart by about 4 and we have a couple of hours charging to do on the way.

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